Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gamma World in the Real World

Here are two things for your Gamma World file.

This one I stumbled across back when the Ukraine news was protests and street violence not impending World War III.

Wired: The Brutal DIY Weapons of the Ukrainian Revolution

This next one the artist and my sometime DF gamer andi jones passed on to some of us by email and I had to share.

Artist Coby Kennedy Transforms Brooklyn Street Signs into Post-Apocalyptic Weaponry

This artist is very much showing the Jim Holloway influence, there:

I figured I'd share them but they're really inspiration for when we eventually foray into Gamma World.

For even more post-apoc art, check out andi's tumblr, Black Ray Gun.

I do (or andi does) need to get a Gamma World game going with GURPS.


  1. I really loved Gamma World and it would be awesome to play with GURPS I think because GURPS has a lot of stuff for high tech.

    Have you ever seen the magazine Vice on the internet? It has a lot of videos from around the world that make you think we are living in a post apocalyptic world right now.

    1. I've run it with GURPS before, it's fun because you can use the tech and monster books as a buffet-style catalog. It's a silly setting (see the giant chicken on that cover in my post) but great fun.

      I'll check out Vice.

  2. That composition bears a striking resemblance to an illustration he later did for a Paranoia adventure. I wish I could remember which one it was.

    1. I'll check tomorrow - I have most, if not all, of the early Paranoia stuff.

    2. Reminds me of Paranoia 2nd Edition cover by Jim Holloway. Mine is UK hardback printed by Games Workshop, so I don't know if that had different art to US version.

    3. It's probably 2e, because none of the 1e stuff I have (nor the 2e screen I own for some reason) has a similar composition.


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