Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Put it in his eye, I said, not his body

Occasionally I have a good idea and my players later find a way to exploit it in a way that doesn't gel with the intent of the rules.

So, one of my players pointed out that the perk "Put it in his eye!" from Pyramid 3/61 technically allows you to get a +1 for hitting the torso.

In other words, you could buy the perk, and if a monster hit you in the body, you could hit that monster back in the body for a +1.

That's not exactly what I meant. I agree the wording says that, but the intention was mostly to knock off -1 of penalty for hitting a specific hit location via giving the player a +1 to hit it. I wasn't thinking torso at all, and I don't think it is cost-balanced at 1 point for a +1 to hit back. It goes from "you hit my leg, I hit your leg!" to "I get a +1 to hit you back, and by the way my Trademark move is a swing to the body anyway."

Even with the stipulation that, despite what my players might think, the perk states you must be hit and fail to defend/not defend. It's not good enough to get struck at, or struck at but defend successfully, but to be actually hit and suffer the consequences of that (even if it's 0 damage thanks to DR.)

So I simply ruled, as the guy who wrote that, that for my game torso hits don't count. Sorry. It has to be a smaller sub-location or this odd form of vengeance-based might not work as I intended. In another campaign that might be fine, but it's not what I was thinking when I wrote it.


  1. Maybe Steven can be convinced to errata this:
    "you enjoy +1 on your next attack on that
    enemy if you target that location intentionally."
    "you enjoy +1 on your next attack on that
    enemy if you target that location intentionally, but only to offset hit location penalties."

    1. I'll bring it up with him and Kromm.

      Mostly I don't want Vryce using this to scum +1s on his Trademark Move (Rapid Strike, Greatsword Swing to Body) from monsters who I have target Torso just out of laziness or to speed the game along. It's not really what it's for.


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