Friday, October 31, 2014

Felltower: Where the money is (?)

The last few trips of the PCs to my megadungeon have been a bit scant. They took home a solid haul from the dragon they slew, including a unique weapon.

But after that, lots of very little. Coupled with the way I handle XP - a point-value scaled loot requirement - this has been hard on the higher-point PCs. Generally, the group has been operating at a loss or a near-loss once you factor in:

- upkeep
- replacing potions
- replacing expendable gear
- paying their hirelings and hench-cleric
- research and other one-time expenditures
- healing (they've had to fork out for a Resurrection and Restoration recently)
- bribing monsters

But there is treasure out there. I figured I'd do my players a favor and list some of the place I know they know of that clearly, absolutely, have treasure.

The Evil Temple - they caught a glimpse of strange altar pieces and a bowl of gems in this one.

Pros: Not all that far from their current favorite entrance.
Cons: Guarded by evil demon-undead-whatever-things and a floor that has negative magical effects on you if you walk on it. Orcs can potentially cut off retreat from it. Unknown amount of money. Players assume it's cursed.

Gargoyles: They have all the gems they coerced out of the PCs. May have other gems, too.

Pros: Easily located.
Cons: I don't give XP for re-looted stuff. Flying monsters in a high-ceiling area.

Draugr - there draugr are heavily equipped and each has a valuable necklace, plus there is a bonus reward that probably exceeds the value of the grave-goods on offer.

Pros: The gear alone or the necklaces along would be profitable, nevermind in combination.

Cons: Tough, tough fight (33 barbarian-sized draugr who are demonstrably elite warriors). Orcs can possibly cut off retreat or pounce after.

There are some others which may or may not lead to treasure.

- the maze

- the double doors (the ones near the maze)

- the double doors (inside the main entrance)

- the "airlock door" (which the Lord of Spite once came out of)

- the metal door

- the Sterick symbol door

- the rotating statues

- the headless statues

- the newest doors they've started playing with this past session.

None of this is "new" stuff to my players; I'm just reminding them of their to-do list here. I figured they might be getting a little frustrated finding loot. They've been re-combing over areas for a while. I just figured this might help them remember where known sources of money are.


  1. Man but that trapped maze! I can only imagine the magical riches that are back there but darned if we didn't lose some good people trying for it.

  2. Need to deal with the orcs long term. Be great if they could actually control the top of the dungeon themselves. I wonder about installing some underpowered monsters there after the orcs are beaten, but not driven away 100%. Have to make sure those two grps didnt team up though. Ideally they would hate each other and the underpowered grp would need the pcs support to survive.

    1. That's more or less the approach that got them the orcs. Initially, there were hobgoblins manning the level 1-accessing pillboxes, assorted independently dangerous groups on level 1 and 2, a group guarding some stairs, etc. and a few orcs. The PCs wiped out the hobgoblins, ran into the cone-hatted guys, then hired the orcs to keep them clear. If the orcs were gone, it's not unlikely some of the weakened groups would expand or stronger groups (if they exist) would expand to create their own buffers.

      It's kind of a tangle, keeping a megadungeon clear but not too clear.

    2. My other sugestion was going to be completely levelling the entrance, burning everything, then shape earth until the opening was basically a 360o slope that couldnt be easily defended. Then regular returns to punish anyone that trys to fortify.

    3. That'll be a long, slow, slog of a session as you guys try to burrow out worked, magic-resistant stone while fending off the orcs and anything else you rile up. There is a reason the subterranean defenses are intact, after all of this time - the sheer effort it would take to crack them permanently is not small.

    4. That's.... crap, I forgot that it was all magic resistant stone. Oh well, I guess just slaughtering them every once in a while will have to suffice. Like cutting the grass! Except in this case the "grass" is other sentient beings who happen to have motivations that don't line up with ours. Murder hobo much? Maybe we could get some magical juju stuff made to scare other monsters away and smear the walls with orc guts as a warning.

  3. I love how so many RPG blogs that have been around for a while end up discussing economy out of necessity, how to keep the players spending and going out for more gold. I think it's because I know that in a level or two I'll be facing the same problems in my own campaign. xD

  4. I feel like they should try with the Draugr once more. It has been a long time since they last went there and they have gotten much better equipment, spells and skills now.
    Though, their Orc infestation might really catch them in a bad situation. Going down there won't be quiet.

    1. We talk about this sometimes but the problem is that even with two uses of Luck all it would take is one crit on Vryce's arm or leg or something and we would all be in a lot of trouble. It might be a little better though now that we have a holy warrior, a cleric, and a hench-cleric though. I think it would be awesome to give it a shot, at least, but my PC wouldn't be one of the ones on the front line.


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