Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Two Dice Tricks for Tracking Status

One of my players suggested this a while back. These are little things we do at the table to keep track of things more easily.

Flying Dice - Characters who are flying have their minis placed on a large 6-sided die, with the number representing the height. If you go up higher than 6 yards, we add more dice to the stack.

Since generally people use spells like Levitation in my game, it's rare for high flyers to be zipping around. Especially so in dungeons. So D6s under the mini work just fine!

Great Haste D10s - We count the 10 seconds of the Great Haste spell down by using a d10 from ye olde dice collection. At the end of each turn of the spell, the dice is turned to the next number down. It makes it easy to track the length of the spell.

We've done a few others over the years, but those two have stuck forever.

I am thinking of digging out my poker chip collection - bought precisely to use for status - so we can track people who are stunned or used AOA (in a really big fight, those can be hard to remember!) But I don't know if they'll stick like the flying dice or Great Haste tracking d10.


  1. Back in the day, one of the guys in my group started DMing. Since he knew he had dragons and other flyers on tap, he hung a net along the bottom of the floor joists (playing in the basement). Once combat ensued he suspended the flyers from the net using alligator clips and string. Worked rather well and was "neat/cool/keen".

    1. We'll put in a request with our host to install a net for tracking flyers!

      I think he might react the same way when we told him to get a Sultan made.

    2. Is there a level of Sultan that includes a suspension array for hanging flying minis from? Could be two birds with one stone here.

  2. We use dice (and stacks) for flyers as you describe, as well as using dice for tracking countdowns. I plan to also use dice to track CP once I start phasing in Technical Grappling.

    I use poker chips in Phoenix Imperative to track various impulse points (Destiny and Wildcard) and in Blight Years for APs.

    1. I'll pass the idea for CP tracking dice to my players. We'll see if they like it!


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