Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Art that Inspires Gaming Thoughts

While I was on vacation, I saw this excellent piece of art for the first time.

Thomas Cole - Expulsion. Moon and Firelight (ca. 1828)

I don't only think gaming thoughts when I'm in museums, but when I do, I think these kind of gaming thoughts.

That beautiful piece demands to be a set-piece wilderness encounter. Gate to hell, gate to heaven? Gate between realms? Pathway between darkness and light, night and day? It's got a lot of gaming potential.

I also saw this one, which made me happy I finished painting my skeleton minis, and made me think I need to do that Citadel grim reaper I have.

Pieter Brueghel "the Elder" (Ca. 1562)

That's a spectacular piece face to face, and just interesting from a "maybe 1 HD skeletons don't cut it" perspective. Maybe the walking dead are unkillable, being already dead. That's the kind of undead invasion you can't fight except by turning back the force behind the skeletal hordes, because they won't be stopped. Horror-fantasy, perhaps, or heroic horror fantasy if you can do this with sufficient butt-kicking or reading the right ritual in the pit of hell while holding off the hordes.


  1. Combine Brueghel the Elder with Hieronymus Bosch and you've got a seriously weird but even more seriously awesome campaign.

    1. They're in the same room at that museum for a reason. It's a campaign hint.


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