Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Felltower Rumors from Sunday

During my summary of our Felltower game on Sunday, I realize I forgot to talk about the rumors heard.

Since I just edited the rumor file, I figured I'd just post the actual rumor text from my file. The way I do it is to maintain a huge Word doc of rumors. Every rumor heard gets bolded, and then between sessions I cut and paste them to the bottom, unbold them and trim the numbers, and then go back and fill in the missing numbers and make up rumors for them. That way I have a single file with literally every rumor I've written and used in the game.

Here is what they heard. Editorial commentary follows on some.

There is a level made entirely of metal. (No, this isn't a Greyhawk "machine level." I'm not into that. This rumor is merely okay - not good, not great.)

You can summon a demon by calling his true name three times. (Gort said, "For example, Demogorgon, Demogorgon, Demoouchmyfoot!")

Some monsters eat people to gain their knowledge and skills. (Dryst said, "We have to find them and eat those monsters!")

The orcs have been skirmishing with city scouts - they don't pursue but they won't let anyone near the castle anymore. (Dun, dun, dun! Actually, they're said to be behind the disappearances from the slums, too.)

There is a treasury in the dungeon protected by unopenable doors. (Rumors of unopenable doors and of a hidden treasury in Felltower have come up before.)

There are unlimited levels down – the further you go, the bigger the dungeon gets. (Does this mean the dungeon is just bigger and bigger as you go deeper, yet never ends, or that it gets bigger as you go deeper, and thus going deeper makes the dungeon larger? Yes, probably one of those.)

Those cone-hatted guys mentioned something about black hands and a black brotherhood. (Dryst said the cultists are the remnants of that brotherhood.)

Some dungeon apes are pretty smart, I heard. They can even summon demon-apes to aid them. (Everyone just groaned, as I recall.)

And that's what they learned, perhaps, on Sunday.

One note - since the orcs clog the dungeon, and no one has been getting in and out, I'm considering reducing the amount of rumors. Either just dropping from a d30 to a d20, or putting more outdoor-focused ones, or something of that sort. The orcs are choking off the dungeon, basically, so there isn't much else people will talk about. Plus many of the rumors are springboarded off of what I think people will say based on hearing about the previous session, and the PCs haven't penetrated far into the dungeon in a while.


  1. Sounds like those orchestra going to have to be dealt with sooner or later, probably sooner.

    1. Yes, they are from the Symphony tribe.

      Isn't autocorrect wonderful?

    2. Gah! GAH!!

      " . . . orcs are going . . . "

    3. Now I'm going to have to give musical instruments to some of the orcs from my Wargames Factory set. And you know how it ends for bands in dungeons.

  2. I really dig the idea of a rumor file. Everything ever heard (and yet to be heard) in one place -- definitely the way to go.

    1. It's just me being lazy. I have one file with all of Felltower in it, one with all of the rumors, one with all of the magic items, one with all of the NPCs, one with all of the monsters, etc. It's not superior organization so much as no ability to organize that drives that.

      It does work, though, and periodically people read the entire rumor list just see what turned out, in retrospect, to have been good information.

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    Mega dungeon #2


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