Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How is my Secret DF Project coming?

My secret Dungeon Fantasy project continues apace.

It was peer-reviewed, got some playtesting by an experienced GURPS GM and his enthusiastic players, more authorial review, and even more fiddling around with by me. It feels much improved. Usually that's the case after others work on it, but this time more than most. The book feels like a much better book for the input that I received.

Naturally, any of it that didn't spring from my own gaming in the first place got added into my gaming, because generally I like my own ideas and want to implement them.

Last night and this morning I did some re-writing and I hope to get the final comments on it so I can submit the draft. Once that's done, it's (largely) out of my hands.

I'd have gotten this done faster, and indeed I intended to, but a fantastic job came along to take care of that.

Hopefully you'll get to see it earlier rather than later in 2014, but scheduling things like that are far out of my hands. Once you do, maybe you'll recognize the silliness awesomeness I ported directly from my campaign into the book.

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