Friday, January 9, 2015

Is this is the stuff for Magic Wash?

Is this what they call Future these days? It doesn't even say "with Future Shine" on it or anything.

 photo MagicWash_zps1f616916.jpg

I'm hoping to mix up some "magic wash" but if this isn't the stuff, it's not too late to return it.


  1. Pledge used to be a separate product, but the company made it into a brand. In 2008, they started phasing out Future as a separate brand and slowly made it part of the Pledge brand. If this is an acrylic floor wax, then it's what you are looking for.

    I didn't even know modelers were using Future until just now, I just remembered the brand names and looked up the info to solve the mystery.

    1. Thanks. I was looking at the same kind of info - but they used to keep the "with Future shine" logo on the package, but it seems like this is the stuff.

  2. And I got the info here:


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