Friday, January 30, 2015

More Wargames Factory Orcs

So I've been slowly fiddling with some more Wargames Factory orcs. I have 24 to make eventually, so there are a lot of options.

The arms are annoying, though, and it's hard to match them to the torsos and weapons with good poses. I managed to make four more I like, though.

 photo WargamesFactoryOrcs007s_zpsb3eb5b2b.jpg

The one one the left is using a flamberge that came with some GW boxed set. No idea which one, as I bought a bunch at once like 12 years ago and cut them into a giant bits box and that's that. I was going to give him a combat pose, but this both looks pretty Highlander and is less fragile.

 photo WargamesFactoryOrcs005s_zpsae995d5a.jpg

The same with the poleaxeman. He's got a pose I think will store and travel well. It gives me a heavy weapon orc, too, which I needed.

 photo WargamesFactoryOrcs006s_zps1f8527a4.jpg

The crossbow is from a GW Empire Militia set, as seen on one of the actual minis it belongs to. It doesn't really fit, but with lots of squeezing, a little glue, and eventually some greenstuff to fill the gaps, and he should be okay. I need an orc heavy crossbowman, because that's a very uncommon loadout for orc minis. I wish I'd put the mini on the base differently, though - I prefer guys on square bases to face a flat side, not a point. It makes them fit in hexes better when fights get close.

Honestly, I think size-wise these guys fit better with my hobgoblins, especially the ones with helmets. I'm vaguely debating re-painting the ones I did already grey and adding them to my hobgoblin pile. But I need orcs and don't need-need hobgoblins.

I also added two more of these, just prior to taking them out despite the cold and snow and priming them.

 photo WargamesFactoryOrcs008s_zps0d0d1138.jpg

That's another poleaxe guy, and then a morningstar fighter. The morningstar is really flimsy. so I broke it off right away, and then glued it to the base and the handle so it appears to be dragging. That seems to have made it much more secure while still seeming pretty natural of a pose. But you can see how I couldn't quite get the right hand to clasp the polearm on the other guy.

So six more orcs (or hobgoblins, if I make that tough call to re-paint) ready for paint. Maybe - the primer didn't come out so well during the cold weather, so I may need to prime them once more before they're ready. I'll try one and see.


  1. Hobgoblin sized orcs? They're obviously elite orcs!

    1. Are hobgoblins bigger than orcs?

      Mine are smaller. I was pretty amused that D&D 5e took the same approach, if you compare the physical stats.


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