Thursday, March 2, 2017

Salaried Allies?

When Hjalmarr first added Brother Iklwa Juma Deswayo N'Zinga (aka Brother Ike) as an Ally, we ended up with an issue.

The PCs weren't terribly happy with the standard approach outlined in Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchmen. That is, Allies are full partners and expect a share. Out of that share comes upkeep, they throw in for party costs, they upgrade their own gear, etc. - full partners, as it was a PC. Much like how currently-on-vacation Raggi Ragnarsson adventures with the group.

So I offered the option of Ally as Employee. Brother Ike would be paid for by Hjalmarr, and would draw a salary like any other long-term hireling. However, this salary is barely above cost of living so any equipment upgrades would be Hjalmarr's responsibility.

Here is how you could implement this in your own game, assuming normal time (my campaign only counts downtime as a single week for payments, cost of living, etc. and assumes the other weeks are net-zero from jobs and side work.)

Allies as Employees. Pay for your Ally normally with points, using either Frequency of Appearance (DF15, p. 27) or Appearance Rolls as Loyalty Rolls (DF15, p. 28). However, instead of expecting a full share and being a full partner in a delve, the Ally is a sidekick, henchman, or assistant to the PC with the advantage. An Ally will expect monthly pay as a hireling based on their point level. While Allies are definitely long-term hires, they also advance in point value in lockstep with the PC and thus shouldn't be expected to give a discount for steady pay. Ignore the row for Long-Term on the Pay Rates Table (DF15, p. 32). All pay is considered to be spent by the Ally on upkeep, extra spending on small luxuries, tithes, etc. and isn't saved for improving gear or contributing to the group's funds. The employing PC is responsible for any upgrades, additional equipment, special expenses, etc. related to the Ally.

For example, Brother Ike is based on 125 points. He draws a salary of $200 per week or $750 per month. Eventually his boss Hjalmarr reaches 375 points, bringing Brother Ike to 187. Brother Ike would expect to draw a salary of $300 per week or $1,500 per month. Hjalmarr would also need to pay his part of bribes to orcs, for winter clothing for snow-day delves, recharging his Power Item, etc., but Brother Ike equally wouldn't be entitled to expect a share of the loot no matter how large or small!

I may have to clean that up at some point, but I think it conveys the intent well enough. Allies who get a share work as written, ones paid as hirelings work as above.


  1. If Hjalmarr (my phone has learned Hjalmarr is a word) buys Ike snow clothes or new power item or Ike is given the healing staff or such, is Ike assumed to actually keep and equip / use stuff?

  2. He could lose them or sell or donate things. You noted Pigsticker Paul has sold shields off for food in his writeup

    1. Pigsticker Paul isn't a paid-for Ally, and he's Poor as a disadvantage. Color text on NPCs aren't rules. If the PCs gave P.P. a shield, he might keep it. Or not. That wouldn't be rules driven.


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