Sunday, April 2, 2017

Game day today!

It's finally game day again (and then not again for a few weeks - Easter, tickets to an event, family events for others, etc.)

I'll just give a little hint - one of these Jeff Dee illustrations from classic AD&D modules is related to today's delve. Heh, heh, heh.

But which one of these super-heroic scenes is it? Rufus and Burne of Hommlet? The giant monster* on the Isle of Dread? The manticore of White Plume Mountain? The drow vampire and his succubus lover of the Vault of the Drow?

You'll have to wait for the summary to find out.

* I did just watch Shin Gojira again last night, so maybe there is a connection?


  1. I enjoyed Shin Gojira. Apparently, you did too. :)

    1. It needed a bit less "heroic government workers at the office" and more Godzilla, but it was good enough to see twice. The score was a fantastic variation on the themes from the original movie.

    2. Shirō Sagisu, the composer, did the music for Evangelion also. I noticed that he heavily recycled one of the pieces from that anime for Shin Gojira. Many things were done right in the movie, but there are still lots to quibble about.


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