Monday, April 17, 2017

GURPS Cardboard Heroes: Dungeon Floors in PDF

In case you missed this announcement, the Cardboard Heroes Dungeon Floors are out in PDF.

Cardboard Heroes Dungeon Floors


I'm taking a pass on them for now. I needed this a while back, so I ended up getting a copy of the spiral-bound hardcopy on eBay and so now I'm good on all the ones I wanted. But I'm happy to see this out in PDF. I've been pushing for that for a while, and I think they'll make a fine addition to the DF RPG.

I like these a lot, although they don't match up quite so well with my Chessex maps - the hexes are a bit squished in the paper copy. I'm not sure if that is fixed in the PDF or not. And hexes are hexes - you can't just put any two corridors or rooms side by side like with squares and expect them to line up. That means some fiddling. All of that said, these are nice and they are very useful for tactical combats in a GURPS game.


  1. I've had the hardcopy for decades, but you convinced me to also pick up the PDF. I'm glad I never disassembled mine for play.

    1. I may yet get the PDF just so I can print out extra copies - the 3-yard wide corridor pieces are especially useful for me.

    2. My intent exactly! Time to stock up on cardstock!


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