Thursday, April 27, 2017

Slaying Enchantment Cost

In my Felltower game, some weapons are "Slaying" weapons. This pretty much means:

- bonus damage against a specific class of target, such as Undead, Demons, Constructs, etc. (Puissance with a standard Bane).

- triple damage on a 3-4 (a non-skill adjusted critical hit) stacked with other critical effects.*

- bonus damage only ignores most special-case immunities and resistances (affects insubstantial versions of the type, for example).

In a previous game, this applied, although it doesn't automatically apply to Slaying weapons in Felltower:

- Targets of the specific class of creature slain with such weapons - if a death check is failed as a direct result of a blow from the weapon - cannot be Resurrected or brought back as undead. Extra-dimensional beings still might be able to come back, terms and conditions apply. :)

* In Felltower, with its use of the most basic approach to criticals in GURPS, this means triple damage on a 4 and max-damage triple damage on a 3.

To be a "Slaying" weapon, you need:

Puissance. This can be general, or specific to the group the weapon will be slaying against, limited by the Bane enchantment. You need Puissance +3 to take advantage of the special effects of Slaying.

Slaying. This enchantment costs 5,000 energy, commonly reduced by the Bane enchantment. Divide by 10 if the weapon is a missile (but then it's one-shot); double cost if the subject is a missile weapon.

An Arrow of Dragon Slaying +3 would cost 100 for Bane, and (500 + 500)/3 for the Puissance and Slaying enchantments, or 1100 x 20 = $22,000. It might be worth it - but selling that sucker in town is really tempting even at 40% ($8,800 is a nice chunk of loot.)

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