Sunday, April 9, 2017

When is the next Felltower session?

As I've mentioned before, scheduling has killed us for gaming this year so far.

Looking ahead, we've got two game sessions on tap before the next Felltower:

- 20th Homeland / Gamma Terra (GURPS), as we try to go and see what they grow up at the Robot Farm and (hopefully) make friends with whoever is up there.

- Part II of White Plume Mountain (AD&D), as additional PCs roll in after the 60%+ casualties inflicted by their weakened state the terrors of Keraptis's dungeon.

Only after those two will we have time for Felltower.

This probably means a session in May sometimes for Felltower.

In the dungeon this means some restocking and reinforcing, naturally, but not a whole lot - I did those passes already recently and the place is ready to play. It does possibly mean some of the alertness that was sparked by the PCs has receded. Who really can keep their attention up, or alertness up, when the intruders haven't returned in a couple of months?

Permanent changes have been made of course. Destroyed doors generally stay destroyed, traps that were set in response to PC actions stay there unless triggered (there is always a chance something else blundered into them), dead monsters generally stay dead. Regular conditions will come up - the orcs keep blocking tunnels and will probably keep blocking tunnels, even if only because of circular actions by themselves and the PCs.*

The dungeon is therefore mostly ready to go. I'll need to do one pass over it and see what could/should/might have changed and dice and decide for that. I'll need to print out an updated roster for foes.

And then I'll just wait for the next time we can play. And see what I can do about clearing out my Sundays better in the future!

* The orcs block the tunnels to keep out the PCs. The PCs dig out the tunnels to get at the dungeon parts they want to explore and kill the orcs for blocking the tunnels. Therefore, logically, the orcs realize they need more and better blocking to keep out those murderous adventurers who keep killing them. That just makes the PCs angrier. Repeat, repeatedly.


  1. Sounds good.

    More progress on my megadungeon. Another map or two this weekend. Now starting to work out themes and how levels connect.

    1. I can't wait to hear about it in action and learn from how yours works out!

  2. A schedule like this would have been a killer for most other campaigns.
    Guess it tells something about your set up if you can still manage to get it to work. Though I guess it is easier to have people commit for a "full day on a weekend for RP at your place" as opposed to "every friday from 7-11PM at the hobby store/online").

    1. I ran a campaign for 10 years that had four of the players that are regular in my current game. For a three-year span we played one or two sessions a year in back-to-back weeks while I was visiting the US on break. A few rocky months with spotty play - especially when we've managed to get in some other play on occasion - is just a speedbump.


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