Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Prepping for White Plume Mountain, round 2 - notes

Notes about Sunday's upcoming conclusion to AD&D White Plume Mountain.

Replacement PCs?

The new PCs are being generated off the old set of numbers the players generated. If someone is missing theirs, I'll probably let them roll up 2-3 sets of 4d6 drop lowest arrange to taste. That may work out better than their lost set, or worse. It doesn't matter to me as long as a viable and playable (even if not particularly good) PC is generated.

Levels, magic items, etc. will all be done the same way as the first time.

Did the PCs leave the dungeon?

No. The two surviving PCs did not. They're hanging out with the gynosphinx who riddled them in the first session.

I am debating letting the PCs leave and come back, so the characters can heal and re-memorize spells as well pick up the replacement characters. I'm leaning towards not doing that, though, because I'd like the choices made so far to stick in a significant way. That's a little unfair to the surviving PCs, but then again, the surviving PCs have five characters' worth of magic items and some nice loot that is all theirs.


No. None at all. The dungeon stays the same. Little or no time will have passed. The PCs are welcome to explore those corridors they didn't go down last time, find Whelm and Wave in any order they like, double-kill those two bugbears that nearly killed off the Lama of the Lioness, etc. It's still right now.


One tricky bit is that the surviving two PCs are wounded. One is roughed up to 24 HP from his maximum 41. The other went to 0 and dropped negative from blood loss, and canonically needs weeks to recover.

Well, except in the case of the Heal spell. So a PC coming in with a scroll of Heal and Cure Critical Wounds (3d8+3, average 15.5) should take both of them to within a few HP of maximum. Probably, anyway - worth case is +6 HP for the F/T and the cleric is 4 HP off of maximum. But Heal will bounce her back from needing weeks off without me handing out, say, a Limited Wish and having the PCs decide it's better to save it for something else. No chance of that with healing that's needed right away.

More healing stuff?

A little bit, yes. The replacement PCs get what they rolled and a complement of healing potions like what I initially handed out (2-3 potions total). That's that.

One more session of AD&D Sunday, then back to our normal GURPS gaming. This went well, though, and I'd be tempted to try an UA-era adventure sometime in the future or play more early-version AD&D with the tweaks I made to initiative. It's been fun, even if I think GURPS combat and chargen is more of what I'm looking for from my gaming in general.

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