Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gaming Logistics I: AD&D, no minis

Unachimba suggested, and one of my gamers echoed, that I should do a post about what I bring to game when we game.

Well, today is part II of White Plume Mountain. What do I need for that?

Not very much:

- three rulebooks
- a module
- note sheets
- AD&D Adventure Log sheets
- DM screen
- some magic item cards]
- bag of dice (not pictured)

That's it. I really don't even need all of that, but I prefer to have it all handy. If it was a Unearthed Arcana-era game, I'd need at least one more book, possibly two (the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide.) That's a fraction of what I "need" for GURPS, but then again, that's because I run GURPS with a hex map in a megadungeon and use minis. My game isn't truly designed around portability, but this AD&D two-shot absolutely is. When I run GURPS Lite at school, I use all of GURPS Lite, one record sheet, one note sheet, and six dice. I don't even need anything except the dice and record sheet, really. My AD&D game is built around that same principle.


  1. My first DF session ever in two weeks.

    So far taking some paper minis, chessex mats, dice, GURPS books and some props.

    Working off a short converted adventure before I go with my mega dungeon.

    1. I'll get up a post about my GURPS logistics tomorrow I think.


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