Thursday, May 4, 2017

GURPS Lite in the Classroom, Session #4

This was a shorter bit of gaming - lots of non-gaming work to do, so much that I had to cram it in.

For the previous session, see this link.

Rules Explanations

None. Nothing new came up.


I decided to do a quick, 30-seconds to 60-seconds Dragonball Z recap each session just to get things rolling, ending with, "Now, what do you do?" I'm a big believer in game-starting ritual.


Nothing really interesting happened, but it was a good test of my student's ability to reason and explain.

He went up the stairs from the basement of the tower, and found a room with two boxes set up to make a table, two chairs, a burned-out candle, and some dice. He heard pacing footsteps above the enclosed staircase. He checked the boxes and found rolls of cloth (but didn't think to open them - I realized he didn't know cloth rolls usually aren't packed in boxes) and rations.

He headed up to the next level, intent on going straight up to the level above that - bypassing the guard. I gave him a 50/50 shot that the guard wouldn't see him, contingent on a successful Stealth check. He made that exactly, and the dice came up that the guard was around the wrong side of the stairs. He made it past him undetected.

From there, he made it out onto the battlements. Another guard waved at him as he went to the next tower in the box-shaped fortress. He moved into the next tower . . . and came face-to-face with another guard in a tower packed with stuff.

We stopped there. I told him - as a hint of what the game could be - that he could attack, try to trick the guard, talk to him, whatever he wanted to try. We'll see. There is sufficient gear in the tower ahead to allow him to escape. If he does, I have some ideas of what I'd like to do with him next. Either a dungeon, or a town adventure - perhaps something like Caravan to Ein Arris, modified to fit the world as I'm imagining it.

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