Thursday, May 18, 2017

Orcs Based

Just a quick pre-work post on those orcs I've just gotten.

I based them yesterday in the usual style:

- cleaned, filed, and prepped them.

- mounted shields w/epoxy.

- embedded them in an inverted slotted base with Kneadtite.

- filled in the open spaces with Golden Gel Medium Coarse Pumice Gel.

Now they're drying. Later today, if the heat keeps up and the humidity keeps low, they'll get black primered. They should be fully painted by the end of the week and in the box for Felltower deployment in no time.

I really should do a step-by-step demo of how I do the cup bases like this. It's simple but people keep asking, and text alone isn't cutting it.


  1. I think the cup base thing is the question I'm about to ask maybe? Why am inverted slotted base?

    1. Minis stand better with a flat surface on the bottom.

    2. Hm maybe I just don't know what an inverted slotted base means then. "Slotted" sounded like it had ridges, inverted sounded like it was resting on the ridges, i.e. not very stable. That's obviously wrong though! I get the idea of what you're doing, at least.

    3. Take a look at the prior post, you can see the bases upside down. A normal approach to slotted bases puts the flat side up, slotted side down. I reverse that.

    4. Ah, this makes more sense. Thanks!


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