Friday, May 26, 2017

Minis: Stone Golems

These are a pair of Black Tree Design Stone Golems. This is about 5 minutes of total work.

I primed them black, waited 48 hours for the base goop and primer to dry, and then painted them both in five minutes.

What I did was:

- Base coat them black, quickly.

- When that dried, I spent the rest of the five minutes doing this:

- Wet-brush on Lampost (Dark, Dark Grey)

- Wet-brush on Slate (Dark Grey)

- Wet-brush on Charcoal (Moderately Dark Grey)

Waited a minute, then:

- Dry-brush Grey Flannel.

- Dotted the eyes with a toothpick dipped in Metallic Emerald.

They came out darker than I had planned, but they look great so I'm leaving them as-is. Obviously they'll get used in Felltower. I'm debating using them for PC-summoned elementals or just as smaller golems.

1 comment:

  1. Look nice.

    I debate with myself if I should get into small scale painting minis


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