Saturday, May 13, 2017

Random Notes for 5/13

Just some random gaming notes today:

- There is another Black Tree sale going on, and up until Sunday if you put in the code EOE20 you'll get an extra 20% off.

- Speaking of minis, the Bones 3 Kickstarter is finally starting to ship! It seems like the containers took the maximum possible time to clear customs. Once they arrive I'll update my sale/trade list with the ones I don't want.

- Also speaking of minis and Kickstarters, Mantic has a huge collection of unpainted terrain bits up. I need more terrain to carry like Egon needed that extra hole in his head, but in the interests of passing on news, here is the link:

Terrain Crate

- the lack of painting posts does, indeed, indicate just how busy work and studies have left me. I haven't painted much. I'll fix that soon.

- I've got another GURPS DF article cooking, hopefully you'll get to see that soon-ish. Not a blog article, rather a Pyramid one.

- There is a playtest call for HANS's new book, Tactical Shooting: Extreme Conditions. I'm more of a range-bands-and-TDM-penalties guy when I play with guns, but if you crave detail HANS has you covered.

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