Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Random Links

A couple of links to get started on Friday.

- Dustin Tranberg put up a nice list of Dwarven weapons. They're not really new, per se, so much as figured examples. I like that a lot.

The Axes of the Dwarves

Generally I don't use lists these days. I put everything in GCA and let GCA sort it out and track it. But I really like the pre-made shopping list of prefixed weapons. If I still made big printed lists for my games, this is a good way to organize it.

- Ernie Gygax put up a gaming story about Tenser over on ENWorld:

Ernie Gygax Shares A Little of Tenser's History

I love these kinds of things, because I grew up with those characters being part of my gaming experience. Spells named after them, Rogue's Gallery entries, etc. It's always just enough to make it feel like there is this huge well of exciting adventure out there I can tap in to and experience. That is part of the draw for gaming for me.

(Thanks to Tenkar for pointing this out.)

- Gaming Ballistic put up the latest GURPSDay post.

- Bones 3 is coming, finally. Not Reaper's fault, really, but man, I wanted/needed some of these minis a while back. I can't wait until it gets here and I can sort out all of the gigantic dwarf minis into the trade pile and get to work on the monsters and fodder I can drop right into my game.


  1. What did you choose in Bones 3?

    1. Base set, Stoneskull, and one big mini to be suddenly revealed at the tabletop later.


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