Monday, May 1, 2017

Three World/Dungeon Building Links

So you want to build a world or a dungeon? Three (okay, four) posters are doing exactly that right now in very different ways.

Crowd-Sourced Building

Douglas Cole is getting a crowd-sourced world build going for Dungeon Fantasy. Want to design part of it? Take a look.

GURPS Hexworld Challenge

Slow Dungeon Building

Matt Riggsby is building a DF dungeon bit by bit:

The Occasional Dungeon

It's much like the approach of Castle Triskelion.

Build As You Play

Justin Aquino is posting about something I prefer to do - build as you play.

World Building as we Play

In the post is a structure of what to decide firmly ahead of time, and what the players bring to the table through character generation, and what gets built afterward. Justin is really big on systems - systematic approaches to solving gaming-related issues of design, play, and organization. I tend to be more loose about it all, but having a system you can replicate and share is a good thing.

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