Sunday, May 21, 2017

Making a World of Felltower Gazetteer

Over the years of Felltower play, many locations have been mentioned. I really should keep better track of them and what's known of them.

I'll keep this page updated as much as I can - generally, as I look back at old posts and find facts, or we make more of them up in play, I'll add them.

World of Felltower Gazetteer

I really should give my players more freedom to make up places. Actually, let me rephrase that. I should really encourage them to use the freedom they've got more often. My cousin, who runs the Barca family of evil wizards, is a good example of that. There is a whole lore of family and country history and culture that just spills out of his mouth during game. It's crazy but consistent. 90% or so of what's listed on that page for the Barca family and their city (which I don't recall him naming) just game out spontaneously in play from him to explain something crazy he's doing or did.

I'd briefly considered assigning people places they could just develop. I ditched that - better to just patchwork quilt together everyone's ideas about everything than confine them all to individual areas.


  1. Write it up and publish Felltower as a systemless setting or location? :-)

    1. Maybe eventually. But there isn't a lot of actual written content, no maps, and a fair amount of mishmash jokey stuff that probably won't translate from our sense of humor to the page.

      Like Felltower, a good part of what exists is just rough text and rough maps that let us imagine a larger world. For a published world, that's insufficient!

  2. Your cousin loves him some Phoenicians. I hadn't quite realized the extent until now.

    1. He does, Rome and Carthage are of particular interest to him. Which means the world gets something added that I wouldn't add. I like that period of history but I wouldn't have included it.

      This is also why we have Vikings and holy inquisitions - particular player interest.


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