Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Bones 3 are on the way

I happened to have a minute at work and flipped open my Kindle and saw my town listed as one of the orders going out today.

When I got home just now, I saw I'd gotten a note from Reaper. Hurrah!

I was right near the end of the 2,000 in the wave. I guess I took too long to lock in my order. But it's on the way now.


  1. This is my first time going in on the Reaper KS. I didn't order any minis, just special stuff, like the dragons, because the difference between 28mm and 25mm wouldn't be noticeable. All my other figures are true 25, and they look weird next to 28.

    But I shall be patient, and endure the wait until Wave 3 starts shipping. I think I'm in Wave 3.

    1. I've got mostly 25s, but I mix in the 28s and ignore the scale differences and mostly use monsters and enemies where it doesn't matter as much.


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