Thursday, May 18, 2017

GURPS Lite in the Classroom, Session #6

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Rules Explanations

None today.


I did the short recap again. It felt like it got the ball rolling properly.


When we last left the Unknown Soldier, he had barred a tower door behind him. He spun, and saw a spiral staircase going down, a ladder going up to a trap door, and in the corner was a chained-up cross between a hyena and a dog. The hyena-dog lunged at him, and its chain was just long enough to grab someone on the stairs or the bottom of the ladder.

He wanted to go up or down, and heard banging at the doors to the tower. So he threw his torch at the hyena-dog, missing it. But it flinched away, so he took a running jump and grabbed the ladder! He shimmied up to the top, sheathed his sword, and opened the trap door. He went right up - lucky for him no one was waiting.

At the top was a crenelated set of tower battlements, a tripod-mounted heavy crossbow with stubby bolts, and no much else. He saw orcs and men trying to get into the tower from both doors. (This was important, as he forgot I'd said both doors.)

He saw he was about 40' or so up off the ground, and climbing would be a little tough.

So he climbed back down halfway and jumped to the other door. The hyena-dog lunged at him and missed. But the doors were being battered, and the alarms were going crazy. He realized he couldn't leave that way.

So he ran to the stairs to go back down, deeper into the now-alert fortress. The hyena-dog lunged at him and bit him, failing to penetrate his armor but getting a grapple on him for 2 CP. He tried to hit it with his sword and missed. It tried to haul him down and failed - his Wrestling skill is solid. So he hit it for a lot of damage - 9 cutting against its 1 DR. It was wounded but still up. It tried to bite him but missed, and he hit it again for 9 cutting. It staggered and fell. He quickly ran down the stairs.

We stopped there.


So my 2-3 session "escape the fort" is turning into 7+ "explore the alert fort at a full run." Players will do that.

What starts as: "You are at point A. Point B is there. You need to get there at all costs as fast as possible."

Becomes: "Okay, I'll explore point A for a while. Hey, it's harder to get to point B now. Uhm, I'll look for some totally unrelated point. Perhaps someday, I can come back to point B, maybe when I'm better equipped. Maybe not."


Honestly I'm not sure what I'll do. It's getting more and more likely he'll be surrounded, cut off, and captured again. Which means I need to think of another "escape" scenario to run. I won't kill off his guy unless he kills off his guy (or the dice randomly dictate he's totally dead.) It's English practice, and he'll get more by surviving than by making up a new guy.


  1. I've been reading your recaps for a while and they're great little snippets of gaming innocence and fun. Keep it up!

    Also, when you say the hyena-dog thing grappled your player's character for 2 CP, do you mean that you gave the player 2 Character Points in exchange for his agreement that the hyena grabs him?

    1. CP are Control Points, not character points!

      Thanks for following along. I'm enjoying seeing how he handles game situations. It's good challenge for his English skills and problem-solving skills.

    2. Oh! I just googled and see this is from Martial Arts, I've yet to delve into those rules. Have fun!


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