Thursday, July 13, 2017

Cost of Armor & Weapon Repairs in DF Felltower

Two sessions ago, one of the PCs had his armor severely damaged (nearly destroyed, actually) by the corrosive tears wept by the ravening eyes aka eye beasts they encountered.

I do a very simple armor repair cost:

Armor and Weapon Repair

Armor and weapons can be repaired in town.

Armor costs a percentage of the original cost equal to the damage suffered; round up to the next 1% and the next highest $1. For example, a DR 6 plate corselet ($1300) reduced to DR 3 from corrosion damage is at 50%; cost to repair is $1300 x 50% = $650. A DR 3 Fortify +1 ($1000) Lighten 25% ($2000) Fine Giant Spidersilk cloth shirt ($3270) that is reduced to DR 1 is 67% damaged; cost to repair is $6270 x 67% = $4201.

Weapons that have been cleanly broken cost 50% of their original cost; weapons damaged by corrosion use the percentage system above based on their remaining HP.

Casters with a Repair spells can fix these items instead, but the missing bits cost 50% of the above-listed cost in the case of corrosion, rust, etc.


And that's it. I don't require a roll, and I assume magical fixing get done as well. This is cheaper with the Repair spell from a friendly mage, but that person does have to roll. Don't critically fail!

I probably should subtract out enchantment costs, but a) enchantments can be worn down and need repair, canonically, and b) I let the DR of Fortify affect the survival of items so why not the costs?, and c) it's much simpler than re-calculating the cost of each item. I'm sure players won't mind, but it wastes game time we can never get back again. I'd rather have them spend imaginary money I can imagine up more of.


  1. Perceptions and standards will vary of course. That seems very granular to me - not simple at all! LOL

    If it ever came up that the players needed to have their character's armor repaired (say, cutting oneself out of armor to prevent drowning or being fireballed to within an inch of death), I would just say it costs half time and half original price since most of the materials are already there and properly fitted.

    That's probably too imprecise for you?

    1. It doesn't seem complex to me. It's one math problem done once per session, tops. Making it 50% would be very, very simple, but means 5 HP of Corrosion damage knocks off 1 DR and costs you 50% of your armor cost, just like 20 HP knocking off 4 DR or extremes like losing 9 out of 10 DR. I'm dead certain my players would balk at that because it's too high on the low end.


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