Saturday, July 8, 2017

Short crew delve preparation

Tomorrow we're playing Felltower, my GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game.

We've got three players coming - we should have Quenton Gale, Hjalmarr (and his sidekick Brother Ike), and Alaric.

What they can do is necessarily limited by:

- their numbers

- their makeup (druid, knight, scout, and an initiate)

- any NPCs who may or may not make it (Melchior, Orcish Bob, the Meeposian Brothers, Raggi)

So my prep is necessarily kind of up in the air. They may decide on any of a half-dozen different things that I can think of. They may go heavy (all the NPCs they can possibly find and hire) or light (just the four them, five if Raggi shows up). They may loot hunt, try to explore, try to do both. I'm really curious.

Actually the three people who'll play are three of the guys who started gaming with us this campaign, too.

Lucky for me, I'm hosting tomorrow, for the first time in this entire roughly 90 session campaign so far. So I don't need to decide what to pack, it's all here. We'll see how that goes.

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