Sunday, July 30, 2017

Gamma Terra today

Today is Gamma Terra.

Last time, I'm pretty sure we fought some of these guys - Devo Beasts* aka Wardents.

I haven't double-checked; it's bad enough that I have 80%+ of Gamma World 1st and 2nd edition memorized. I don't need to meta-game beyond what can't be erased from memory. I won't tell my fellow players all of their mutations and powers or any of that, or act on what I don't see. But I can't un-know.

We shot the heck out of them last time. We'll probably do it again. But I'm not sure what's in store - we've got a lot of city to explore, and robots to contact. Hopefully without violence. I enjoy the in-game violence but I'm hoping to save it for opponents, not potential allies!

* andi missed a trick by not giving them radiation domes, which would have been awesome. "Are we not men? We are Wardents! W-A-R- ah crud it doesn't match the beat."

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