Sunday, July 16, 2017

Felltower NPC: Melchior the Malevolent

Melchior the Malevolent was an NPC from my DF Felltower campaign. He recently died, hatcheted, knifed, and poisoned by an orc slayer. In your campaign, though, he can be a good example of an effective henchman or a solid above-starting character in a 125-point DF campaign or troupe-play game. He is built off of the 125-point Apprentice template from Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchmen.

For more pre-made henchmen from my game, check the DF Henchmen page.

Melchior the Malevolent

Melchior, it is agreed, is crazy. He's also quite skilled as a wizard, and he's both brave and reliable. As much as any wizard is reliable.

ST 10 HP 10 Speed 5.00
DX 11 Will 13 Move 5
IQ 13 Per 13
HT 11 FP 11
Dodge 8 Parry (Staff) 11

Small Knife (7): 1d-3 cutting or 1d-3 impale; Reach C.
Staff(12): 1d+2 crushing or 1d crushing. Reach 1,2.

Traits: Ally (Tough Zombie) (50% of starting points - about 65) (Constantly; Minion (w/Slave mentality)); Delusion (Phantom Voices, Annoying) (Minor)' Magery 2; Obsession (Perfect my art at any cost) (12); Odious Personal Habit (Arrogant) (-1); Selfish (12); Social Stigma (Excommunicated); Wild Talent (1) (Focused (Magical); Retention).

Quirks: Chauvinistic; Delusion (My pronouncements are prophetic); Talks back to his phantom voices; Genuinely likes kids; Marks all of his gear with a stylish painted M.

Skills: Alchemy-10; Climbing-10; First Aid-13; Hazardous Materials (Magical)-12; Hidden Lore (Demon Lore)-13; Hidden Lore (Lost Civilizations)-13; Hidden Lore (Magical Writings Lore)-12; Innate Attack (Projectile)-13; Occultism-13; Psychology (Demons)-11; Research-12; Search-12; Staff-12; Stealth-10; Thaumatology-13; Writing-12.

Spells: Create Fire-13; Death Vision-13; Detect Magic-13; Fireball-13; Identify Spell-13; Ignite Fire-13; Lend Energy-13; Lend Vitality-13; Light IQ/H-13; Mage Light-13; Mage Sight-13; Recover Energy-15; Shape Fire-13; Summon Spirit-13; Zombie-13.

Gear: Backpack, Small; Boots (DR 2); Bottle; Leather Jacket (DR 1); Leather Leggings (DR1); Ordinary Clothes; Paut (x2); Personal Basics; Scribe's Kit; Scroll Case.

Notes: Melchior would make a good resurrected undead, too. The PCs asked for him to be given Final Rest, but he's Excommunicated and thus wasn't given that. Presumably his body was tossed in a secret pit somewhere or destroyed - Brother Ike won't say, and probably doesn't know.


  1. Excommunicated is one of those weird Disads... it's 10 points so it should come up often, but it really doesn't (it's pretty rare). But when it does come up it's impact tends to be pretty high*. So it kinda balances, ish.

    * As long as the party doesn't have a potent Cleric. If the party has a powerful Cleric, then it's impact drastically diminishes, almost to Quirk levels of insignificance.

    1. If the party has a powerful cleric, and is routinely hanging out with Excommunicated folks and casting spells on them to help, either:

      Excommunicated is worth -1 at best


      the cleric will soon pick up Excommunicated himself.

  2. "the cleric will soon pick up Excommunicated himself."

    But it's DF... I'm not sure it really cares abotu those sort of nuances.

    But yes, that does somewhat hold. Possibly the Cleric's deity would ring them up and be all "Thou Shalt Not!"

    1. Somewhat? Possibly? I'd say absolutely. You get your powers from your god. Gods can actually be taken as a patron and directly intervene. It wouldn't be a minor inconvenience, it would be a template changing experience.

  3. Oh, please let him come back as an undead henchman or ... worse.


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