Sunday, July 30, 2017

Gamma Summary Teaser

It's late and I have a lot to do so I can't write a summary. But:

- we explored more of the ruined city.

- we fought Gamma Vegepygmies and Hillbilly plasma grenaded them.

- we made friends with an owl.

- we got cool hoods with not-so-cool side effects.

- Caveman got squished by an invisible Michigan Murder Hose, aka a lamprey.

- we met some of Napoleon's Fit and a deal.

- we recruited a Mark VI android policeman.

- we made our peace with the hairy little guys we fought with last time.

- then they attacked us anyway when we on a recon mission. We suffered injury and one of them suffered catastrophic head loss.

- and Hillbilly now has ST 17, pushing him clean up to Bolt VanderHuge territory.

It was a productive session, all in all, and a lot of fun. Now for a quick month off between games. Next game is DF on 8/27!

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