Friday, July 7, 2017

First wave of Bones 3 trades

I'm not decided on everything I'll sell or trade out of my Bones 3 set. But I have settled on these as "not wanted."

Numbers come from this picture.

115 Female Elf with long-handled sword
119 Female Dwarf with Hammer
123 Dwarf Cleric
135 Centipedes (set of 4)
136 Ticks (set of 4)
169 Werebat
Wild West Oz (in grey plastic, full set minus Hellboy whom I'm keeping)
240 Dwarf with Axe
243 Female Dwarf Cleric
Savage Worlds (full set)
259 Sophie

All four weapon sets:
Armory of Virtue (full sprue)
Armoury of Vice (full sprue)
Armoury of Death (full sprue)
Arsenal (full sprue)

I also have a vulture perched on a gravestone that I can't find in the pictures or my expansion set list.
More to come - I have a number I need to really look at. Mostly really fiddly detailed character minis and a lot of the female elves (who are also usually fiddly, and whom I don't need for my game.)

I'm still waffling on a few - some of the townsfolk, some of the torture gear, if I really want to paint and keep 16 more lizardmen (I have a lot.) If those are especially interesting to you, I might be swayed.

What I want

Vegepygmies (from Stoneskull)
Possibly stuff from other expansions I didn't get.
Reaper Dragon Turtle

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