Friday, July 7, 2017

Broken Photo Links notice

Photobucket has decided to disallow so-called 3rd party hosting - that is, I put my images on Photobucket, and link to them here with IMG SRC tags. I can upgrade the account, or switch to somewhere else.

I'm going to transition to hosting directly on Google, which is actually easier for me. This will mean a number of posts dependent on pictures will lose them. I'll try to go back and fix them as I can, but please understand if you come across dead links.


  1. So if we don't see something, do we say something?

    1. Basically, yes. If you post a comment here with a post missing pics you'd like to see, I'll prioritize getting them back up!

  2. The image host I used to use just shut down entirely without warning a few years back. This is almost as bad, since there's really not much point in uploading images to places like Photobucket or IMGUR if you're not going to link/embed them elsewhere.


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