Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bones 3 Trades Complete List

Here are all of the figures I intend to trade:
(strikethrough means it's gone now)

115 Female Elf with long-handled sword
119 Female Dwarf with Hammer
123 Dwarf Cleric
125 Male Human Priest
126 Female Warrior
135 Centipedes (set of 4)
136 Ticks (set of 4)

152 Warrior with Sword and Shield
154 Female Warrior with Sword and Polearm
169 Werebat
190 Orc Porter
191 Female Smith with Anvil
194 Halfling Cook
208 Pathfinder I Warrior
223 Pathfinder II demon (?) with trident

240 Dwarf with Axe
243 Female Dwarf Cleric
255 Female Warrior with Sword and Shield
259 Sophie

Wild West Oz (224, 226-229 - NOT 225)
Savage Worlds (141-146)

All four weapon sets:
Armory of Virtue (full sprue)
Armoury of Vice (full sprue)
Armoury of Death (full sprue)
Arsenal (full sprue)

I also have a vulture perched on a gravestone that I can't find in the pictures or my expansion set list.

Numbers come from this picture.

Please let me know if you're interested in a trade. I could use duplicates of anything from Stoneskull, any Bones monsters (aside from the ones I'm trading above), another Pathfinder troll, any Ogres, another giant snake, the yeti, the ape shapeshifter, or any of the hobgoblins or goblins.

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