Sunday, July 2, 2017

Felltower: Red Raggi's loadout

Red Raggi Ragnarsson goes into Felltower with the following:

• Dwarven Fine Greataxe (Accuracy +2, Puissance +2, Shatterproof), $49,400, 8 lbs.
• Long Knife, $120, 1.5 lbs.
• Mail Hauberk (Fortify+2, Lighten 25%) $4610, 37.5 lbs.
• Pot Helm (Fortify +2, Lighten 25%), $216, 7.5 lbs.
• Mail Coif (Fortify +2, Lighten 25%), $140, 6 lbs.
• Boots, $160, 6 lbs.
• Dwarven Whetstone, $500, 1 lb.
Usually (15 or less) has 2 minor healing potions ($120, 0.5 lbs, heals 1d), sometimes 2 major (9 or less), or 1 minor and 1 great healing potion ($1000, 0.5 lbs. heals 4d) (6 or less). Make one roll, take the best result.

That totals out, along with assumed clothing, pouch, and personal basics, to be a little under 80 lbs. That puts him at No Encumbrance until he hits 88 (he's got ST 21.) Raggi prefers to travel light for speed and endurance purposes. His natural DR of 2 (4 vs. crushing) serves him well, but he'd suffer a bit less crippling injury if he'd armor up his legs. Well, possibly - he mail hauberk has sleeves but that didn't help when the Lord of Spite hit him for something like 4d+13 cutting. Nothing would - the bonus damage alone will hack through the heaviest Dwarven Plate.

He probably needs to invest some money in a good pair of leggings at some point - mail would be too heavy, so either leather or cloth would be the way to go. Next time he gets a stash I'll cost out some Oversized Fine Giant Spider Silk leggings with Fortify +1 or +2 on them and see what's what. Perhaps if he comes along on a very profitable delve he can afford them - it's how he got that whetstone and enchanted mail.

I need to update the prices since we went to a $20/point enchantment flat cost a while back, but that's not a priority in my bookkeeping tasks.

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