Monday, June 18, 2018

Dragon Heresy Introductory Set PDF - Arrived!

Douglas Cole's Dragon Heresy Introductory Set PDF was released over the weekend. I downloaded my copy and I've been digging into it.

I'll try to get up a review if I have time. But just some highlights:

- It's beautiful. The art is excellent and the fonts and layouts make for a book that is easy to read and enjoyable to look at.

- the rules are tight. They've been gone over so many times now, that they read smoothly and I know from experience that they play well. Even when I was running a PC ported in from straight-up D&D5 and not generated with the Dragon Heresy rules

- there is a lot in the way of character options and races. While "introductory" there is a lot of meat here, enough to actually start and run a DH game.

I skipped out on the hardcopy. I was sorely tempted - and originally pledged for it. But I had to consider the amount of shelf space I have and my actual need for a hardcopy. I decided I'd save my hobby funds for getting the hardback of the full set when Doug finally launches it. That I will want in my hands and on my shelf.

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  1. Thanks for the commentary, Peter! I'm glad you liked it.


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