Sunday, June 17, 2018

Felltower Bookkeeping & FAQs answered


I needed to do some player-facing bookkeeping in Felltower, so it's about time I get that done.

Galen Longtread is back, and I needed to do some bookkeeping for him.

First, he had ordered Bracelet of Iron Arm before he left, at Power 15 and with the Power enchantment. Since it's cast on himself, Power 15 is sufficient for "always succeeds" and doesn't require a roll to activate. However, we ditched the Power enchantment and replaced with with a mix of additional "Always On" items and the rules you see in DFRPG Magic Items.

Galen gets a refund of 500 power x $20 = $10,000 cash.


A few PCs still don't have quirks. If they still don't by next game, I'm going to pick some more or less at random from the Quirks book! Hurrah for vindictive GMing!

Okay, maybe not vindictive. Too lax. I have PCs on my GCA files with undefined quirks and 10+ delves under their belts. If I wanted to just give you 5 points for nothing, I'd have handed out 255 points.


I updated the Rumors Heard file to put it up in our shared resources folder.


Can I buy Lifting ST or Striking ST?

Is it on your template? Then yes, up to the level limit specified. If not, then no. If you wish to buy it off-template, you'll need a Lens from a template that has it.

This is for two reasons, one template-related and one campaign-related.

The template-related one is that the templates often come with a specified level of Lifting ST or Striking ST, complete with a limit. It's unfair to say, for example, Knights can get Striking ST 2 but anyone can buy it off-template later. If anyone can buy it, at whatever level I specify as a limit, then Knights should have that at +2. This implies strongly that the limit is 0 unless specified on the template that it is higher.

The campaign-related one is that I like the strong template distinctions. The question generally is about Lifting ST, because people want to carry more and more gear and wear heavier and heavier armor and get the ST needed to raise their BL to the point that they can do so without raising their encumbrance. Note this is about Encumbrance, not Move - Basic Move can often be raised to a level sufficient to speed up the PC. But getting from Medium (2) to Light (1) means dropping a -2 to Dodge to a -1 to Dodge, 2 FP lost after a fight to 1 FP lost after a fight, a larger margin before a -3 and 0.4x Move modifier, etc. To avoid everyone spending 3/level and upping Lifting ST to carry more stuff and more DR, I keep it strictly to those templates that allow it.

Which Templates? DFRPG or DF?

Either way. I allow any and all versions of the templates allowed, from either source.

Which armor?

On a starting PC? DFRPG. On an existing one? You can keep your old stuff, but you can't replace it.

Can I buy X or Y later? It's on my template. Can I start with Z? It's not.

If it's on your template, then yes - start with it or buy it freely later. If it's not on your template, you can't start with it or buy it later unless it's a designated Power-Up. In that case, go for it.

That's a really frequently asked question, probably because I keep adding new players unfamiliar with the way this campaign is run.


  1. To be fair to your Quirkless offenders... you're not running a game that lends itself to Quirk definition easily (ie: Far less social situations than a 'regular' fantasy set-up). In fairness to you, 10 delves is 5 delves too many!

    I require a Quirk to be filled out by the end of every session, if they aren't filled in from jump. I also allow Quirks to be replaced as time goes on. have a Quirk that after a bunch of sessions you're just not feeling fits? Swap it. But I do put limits on this. Too much swapping around and I have to bop the Player with a rolled up newspaper.

    1. My answer to that is - If it's so hard to have 5 quirks, why do the other people have 5 defined quirks?

      If they can do it, so can everyone else. It's just "I'll do it later" becomes "I'll do it never."

  2. Do you let PCs buy (mundane) skills that aren't on the template?

    I did, but in some ways regret it as it allows the High DEX or High IQ characters to move into other specialists niches.

  3. Has anyone actually saved 50 CP and bought a lense?

    1. IIRC the Holy Warrior before was partial buying it bit by bit.

    2. We had the one PC partial buying one, yes.


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