Thursday, June 14, 2018

Intro stories for our new DF PCs

Since I was asked, here is what I know about the new PCs.

Gwynneth is a female elf. She's apparently Aldwyn's girlfriend.* However, she didn't balk at being described as belonging to Vryce.

Several of the PCs joked, wait until Mo meets her. But they forget - Mo doesn't have a female elf thing. Female elves - every last one of them - have a Mo thing. He's got the Mo-jo when it comes to those dainty elfesses. So she came as a referral from Aldwyn. He might regret that when she meets Mo thanks to adventuring with them. She doesn't seem evil on the surface, but she does have Magery, which is a fairly evil trait in actual play. Or maybe it's more of a precursor to evil acts. In any case, she wants to discover lost magics.

Jasper, on the other hand, is a man of mystery. His appearance? "Regular human." He's so normal it's worth remarking how regular of a human he is. Except for having one eye, and a nasty scar across that missing eye. What happened? He won't say. He refuses to go anywhere unarmed and won't turn down a challenge to combat. He's forgetful (like, about he lost his eye). He's both overconfident and impulsive. Yet, again, mystery - he hates cold weather, but he's in a northern clime with chill mornings and snowy winters. He seems to know Vryce, quite well, but neither of them have disclosed how.

* She's run by the same player who runs Alwdyn. Maybe I need to make a "who plays who" chart.

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  1. Mo is still mourning over Kian, so this will be amusing to play out. "I know you'll be heartbroken to learn I have taken a vow of chastity until we kill all them six finger freaks. Try not to cry too loud in the dungeon."


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