Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Speeding Up In-Town Logistics - the GM's to-do list

I posted the other day about speeding up in-town logistics largely aimed at what the players need to do.

I have some of my own work to do, and I'm getting on with it.

- emailing people about research requests, special orders, and XP early. As in today, weeks out from next game day. If they need to get in their requests, so do I.

- following up on previous requests for information and pricing.

- ensuring the players and I are on the same page about what they want for the next game.

- start writing the rumors earlier.

Not a big list, for sure. But I do tend to put away my Felltower stuff after the game, write the summary, and then leave it sitting for weeks until 2-3 days out from game day. Then I start to do my pre-game prep. I need to get on that faster, as the players really held up their end of the "let's speed this up" bargain.

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  1. Lots of ways to do it. Email works. I'm sure a lot of people use email mailing lists or Facebook groups or Google Plus or IRC channels or whatever. Whatever your whole group is willing to use is the best solution.

    The game I'm running is using a private Discord server for between-games chat, and it's working well for us. I wrote a blog post about it, in case anyone else is thinking of doing this.


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