Thursday, June 21, 2018

Party Size Penalties for share-taking NPCs in Felltower

Here is a proposed mechanic for "entrepreneur" NPCs - the ones who delve for a share of loot. After all, they're coming a long for a shot at riches. The more delvers who come, the less risk - but the less reward.

Paid hirelings are unaffected by this. The more the merrier - and the more that come, the more likely they are to come home safe!

For every share-taking character past 4, availability rolls for share-taking NPCs are at -1.

For example, 7 PCs, 1 NPC ally, and 3 hired hands are delving. Raggi is currently available on a 9 or less, the Meeposian Brothers on a standard hireling search roll. Seven share-taking characters worth a -3 to these rolls. Raggi is available on a 6 or less, the Meeposian brothers on a search roll at -3.

Notes: These numbers are set based on my campaign, which now has 11 players who have played at least one session in the past few months. -1 past 4 means -7 if everyone shows up, which is pretty reasonable when a share is maybe 8% of the total haul.


  1. Raggi is practically a party member, penalizing his appearance on a full house is sad

    1. Depends on what his meta-purpose is. If he's there to fluff out the numbers and help keep PCs alive by being another damage throwing meatshield... then when there are more PCs he's less necessary (and means more work for Peter).

      If he's there to add fun and color (for example Gort of the Shining Force) then as well, too many PCs and he's just slowing things down... but he might still want to be included, just so Peter can make up fun stuff to interject (besides the standard "and suddenly mobs bust in and attack" which is always fun!).

    2. Raggi is pretty much a party member, but it's tough to run him while managing a very large group. So this mechanic allow for him to come, but makes it less common when the group is large.


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