Saturday, June 2, 2018

Target 20

This is a pretty elegant all-in-one system for saving throws, to hit rolls, thief skill rolls, etc.

I'm not sure I'd use it, if I ever did play AD&D again like I keep noodling on about periodically. But it would be an effective bridge between modern practices I like (target number mechanics, for example) and ease of use with older systems (it handles descending AC.)

Target 20

Thanks to Delta for pointing to this.


  1. Not the biggest fan of the noncombatants having the same per level increase in combat. I used to use the Len Lokafka 5% rules, where only fighter types went up per level, and mu's started lower than Thieves.

    1. It's not, though - it's suggested non-fighters use a fraction of their level. So "noncombatants" - by which I think you mean non-fighters, not non-adventurers since all adventurers are combatants ultimately - move up more slowly than fighters.


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