Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hall of Judgment for DFRPG fully funds quickly

I put up a post yesterday about Doug's new Kickstarter.

It's already fully funded and then some.

I think Doug's a little surprised by this.

Me, not so much.

This isn't his first go-around on a product. Or on a Kickstarter. He's got a proven track record of:

- delivering everything he promises

- doing so on time

- do so without extra expenses to the backers

- often exceeding what he promised

- and showing his math so you know what all the funding is about, and how it works.

So even if GURPS fans are badly outnumbered by D&D5 fans, this project stands on the shoulders of the Kickstarters Doug has delivered on before. It makes it an easy back from an enthusiastic audience.


  1. There is an abundance of D&D material.

    DFRPG 100% nothing since the KS stretch goals.

    1. Yeah, I think it's out done his 5e material simply because a) 5e is a glutted market and he has to fit for market space, and b) everything Peter mentioned above.

      DFRPG GMs (and potential GMs) want material they won't have to do too much to make fit into their games... and this delivers.

    2. Agreed.

      Also, the "if I buy this then SJ Games *will* do more" meme was alive and well during the DFRPG Kickstarter.

      There might be a person or two here that subscribes to that even if DFRPG isn't top of their agenda

  2. Part of what has happened is that there is a pre-established audience, albeit a small one. While Dragon Heresy tapped into D&D 5e's mechanics, it's its own game, and isn't meant to add onto an existing campaign.


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