Friday, June 15, 2018

Random Thoughts for Friday 6/15

Just a few random gaming thoughts for Friday.

- I can't wait to use the GURPS rules for influence rolls on PCs for PC vs. PC social skill rolls in my DF/DFRPG game. It's a-coming.

- I'm way behind on my mini painting. I've had a little more free time, in theory, but in practice I've used it for extra study, extra sleep, and doing extra chores. I will try to get the rest of my orcs painted ASAP so I can deploy them against the players when they finally decide to solve that.

- I need to make a copy of the Black Reaver story by Brand the Magician from the Rolemaster Companion for a handout. It's the front page cover of my DF GM Book - a binder of printed DF PDFs for quick reference.

- I'm slowly working my way through the updated Dungeon Alphabet. It's really enjoyable, but again, work-related reading and study has been taking priority.

- While I'm okay with large groups of PCs, I may need to either rule that past X PCs, there are no non-Ally NPCs available for easy recruitment (except possibly specialty hirelings), or apply a per-character penalty to appearance rolls. So if Raggi is 12- for a 5-man group, he's 8- for a 9-man group, etc. Might be a good way to allow for appearances without overwhelming the GM. I'll need to think that over more and post some rules ideas based on it.

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  1. "So if Raggi is 12- for a 5-man group, he's 8- for a 9-man group, etc."

    Makes sense as there is 'less loot', ie even if there is more loot found (because they can push harder. delve deeper, etc) there are more pockets to split it across.


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