Thursday, January 10, 2019

Flexible Task-Based XP for DF / DFRPG

Here is a flexible task-based version of my XP House Rules.

XP Awards

One of the following must be completed:

A) Loot Threshold - sufficient loot to meet an XP threshold must be found.

B) Sufficient Exploration - 10+ new areas must be found.

Successfully doing so nets 4 xp (adjust accordingly for PCs who miss their loot threshold.)

Bonus Points: Loot

If the PCs successfully complete A, then they can earn +1 xp for exploring at least one new area. Exploring 10+ new areas is worth +2 xp.

Bonus Points: Exploration

If the PCs successfully complete B, then they can earn +1 xp for finding at least 20% of their loot threshold, +2 xp for finding loot equal or greater than their threshold.

All other systems - MVP, etc. - can stay intact.


These would be useful if you want to allow the players to choose what to emphasize for a delve instead of being straightjacketed into a specifc set of required success standards.

To make this simpler, but not actually easier, set the loot threshold based on the highest point PC. You're better off trying to explore a lot if you have a high-value heavy hitter backed by a lot of low-point starting PCs.

This inevitably will lead to waffling over tasks - should we keep looking for loot? Should we explore?

This issue is partly why what you need for "sufficient exploration" is raised in the above rules. That way, you don't get "find one new area, then switch to loot!" You really do need to commit to exploration if you're going to make exploration the goal.

You could easily modify the above to allow for additional choices - execution of a pre-made plan (the PCs say, "We want to discover the stairs to the next level down" or "kill that dragon!" and that becomes the main goal. Getting another of the two is worth bonus points - but only the category where the PCs have been more successful counts.

I haven't tried this, but it's an interesting thought experiment.

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