Saturday, January 19, 2019

Snow permitting - Felltower tomorrow

We're getting snow now, turning into rain and ice. So it might be too slippery to get to Felltower tomorrow.

But if we do, it'll be a short crew. Hayden the Unnamed can't make it as his player lives in a much more northerly, snowier town. But we have a few new ones:

Crogar the Barbarian, run by Jaspar's player. Queue the Basil P. music as he comes in. He's a Savage Warrior with Shirtless Savage, because barbarians hate buying armor.

Wyatt Sorrell, a two-longsword swashbuckler. He's probably going with Weapon Bond (Rougish), which is from Sean Punch's DFD Swashbucklers book but which I suggested based on Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser's propensity to steal replacement versions of Scalpel, Cat's Claw, and Greywand. He won't be able to steal replacements, but it makes for interesting discussions of loot - looted longswords would be swappable in for his existing blades.

On top of that, it's likely we'll see Desmond or perhaps a cleric, Felix Aurelius.

And I'm pretty certain Crogar's player's dad will run Gerry.

And poor Aldwyn probably wants to avenge his philandering girlfriend, Gwynneth.

All in all, even this small group is pretty interesting and could be really potent, depending on the mix and location they get to.

Or we could be snowed and iced out. We'll see.


  1. Don’t forget “Mild” Bruce, aka Bruce McTavish, another shirtless savage barbarian who wears a kilt and wields a claymore. He’ll be there if the group is venturing forth.


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