Tuesday, January 15, 2019

What's next in Felltower?

We're on track to play DF Felltower on Sunday.

So what's next?

New Paper Men

I'm reviewing some characters, including a swashbuckler and a cleric. I've heard rumors of others, and we're not sure what Jaspar's player will do.

Old Paper Men

Some of the old paper men may return - Aldwyn and Desmond, for example. Gerry is a certainty. I'm not sure if Hamilcar or Ahenobarbus will make an appearance, or Murak, either, but they're out there. Galen's coming.

Equipment Questions

I've fielded a fair amount of gear questions - including one that sent me over to Douglas Cole for his specific crafting knowledge. Booyah for DIY weapon makers!

Old Plans, New Plans?

What actually happens is still under discussion - orcs, Lost City, careful delving on the "apartment level"? The mix of characters will matter.

That's all I have for an update - I have a lot of emails to get through, and characters to review . . . and it's a busy week looking busier. But it will get done in time for delving.


  1. Replies
    1. Raggi has now outlived 100% of PCs.

    2. This is true. He's alive somewhere, mourning his sold Weapon Bond magical axe.

  2. Did the old PCs leave items behind in town? And if so will you let the new PCs access these items?

    1. Depends on the items, but yes, some of them. They aren't a big collective of characters with mutual ownership of gear, so most of what is left behind just disappears. But things such as the Staff of Healing and Bell of D'Abo will be available if we can explain who has them and why.

  3. Is the gear question about Viking-style shields that are a lot lighter than DF shields (but less durable)? I know Doug addressed that in Hall of Judgment.

    1. We're using the DFRPG shields only. And no, that wasn't the question.

  4. It just struck me that Felltower is a casino. PCs delve to get rich quick, but like gambling addicts they just turn around and head back in after a win and keep playing until they lose it all. A gambler takes bigger and bigger risks until his luck runs out and he is broke. A PC takes bigger an bigger risks until his luck runs out and he is DEAD! In either case, the only winning strategy is not to play...but what fun is that?!?


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