Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Crogar the Barbarian WIP - Part 2

Crogar the Barbarian proceeds apace.

Here he is with grey basecoating on his fur-wrapped feet, moccasin brown on his belt, more grey on his metal bits (not the axe yet), and flesh on his body.

He'll get another flesh coating and then a wash, while the fur-lined feet will get progressively lighter drybrushes after the wash. The helmet and bracers will be iron or steel, I think, and so get gunmmetal grey. The belt will end up with a big steel or bronze boss. The horns are likely to go dull ivory at this point.

The shield alone will be bright and shiny - it should look like a knight's shield looted for Crogar's use, not his own. So it'll get dented a bit, maybe, but I'm thinking a blue shield with a white or silver eagle. We'll see once I put paint down.

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