Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Random Links for 1/9

Just a trio of links worth clicking on for today:

Joe the Lawyer is back with another podcast . . . covering many things, including "the Goddamned Deck of Many Things" - you know you want to hear him talk about that.

This is a very cool post about an old, old, old CRPG.

And this is an interesting thesis about 2nd edition AD&D and friendship. Although, honestly, cooperative groups and groups where non-cooperating players were forced out were common in my early days of gaming, well before 2nd edition came out. That may have codified it, but the happy mob of players all out for themselves wasn't something I really experienced much of. Your party was your group, and you cooperate for the most part. It's interesting to think of a willful and deliberate shift to that as a feature of a specific edition, though. I'm not saying he's wrong, just that this did not come out of the blue.

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