Monday, January 7, 2019

Tomb of Horrors, the pamphlet version

Over break, my players and I brought out our gaming loot from Christmas.

Among the loot was the boxed set of the D&D art book, as seen here on

Included is a pamphlet of the tournament module version of S1 Tomb of Horrors.

Not only that, but as Paul discusses here, it was an adventure that helped bring about the Tomb of Horrors.

I'd really like a copy of that little pamphlet. Not enough to spend a lot of money on that art book. Don't get me wrong, the book is fascinating to look at. I just don't see me doing much with it, and if I really need to peruse a copy my group has several. I do really covet that early version of Tomb of Horrors and the Alan Lucien adventure which clearly helped inspire or inform it.

I'm just not sure it's worth $67 or so to get it.

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