Saturday, June 22, 2019

Felltower tomorrow

Although we'd prepped and planned for Gamma Terra tomorrow, real-world issues took out the prep time for our Gamma Terra GM.

So I'm running a delve into Felltower tomorrow.

It looks to be a thin crowd:


and possibly Hayden the Ebon Page.

With such a thin group, expect to see a lot of last-minute grubbing for hirelings. What the group will do isn't clear. They'll be light on firepower for dealing the orcs a third (and decisive?) blow, but that may still get tried. The long list of undone stuff might get get whittled down. Or maybe they'll just randomly wander around for a few hours and then attempt something crazy in a panic with only an hour left to play and no loot found!

You know, one of those.


  1. Yeah but if you have Galen do you really need the "army" part of "And what army?" To fight orks?

    I bet the Meeposians are good at fighting orks!

    1. Galen OrcSlayer, Eyedestroyer, The Vitalspiercer still needs people to stand happily between him and melee.

      And that ain't Gerry. I don;t remember who Wyatt and Ulf are, but if they are melee types, then them plus a few spear and shield men and they might be set to drive the Orcs from Felltower.

    2. Trolls and Missile Shield are complicating factors.


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