Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Rulings from DF Session 117

Here are some things that came up in DF Session 117:

- Invisibility and Zombie/Mass Zombie - I ruled those spells end Invisibility. I think it's a tough edge-case call, but when I ruled it did our resident necromancer-running PC agreed right away. That's generally a good sign. As fun as NPCs who raise the dead while hidden can be, it seems like it's more than just sneaking or stealing.

- Market Glut. If the PCs keep selling piles of low-value (or even high-value) gear, the market is sure to have enough after a while. I ruled that's the case with the endless stream of axes, spears, and other low-value weapons the PCs have been cashing in. Meanwhile the high-value items are still high-value. There are only so many okay-quality axes, spears, and low-quality suits of mail people want to buy.

- Mass Zombie works on corpse piles made as a "final resting place." Seems fair.

That's about it for rulings during the game.

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